Recent Assignments

Recent Assignments


Valuations of numerous businesses, professional practices, companies, trusts and intellectual property for a restructuring including a milk manufacturer, steel distributor, architects, ophthalmic wholesaler, manufacturing factory, gas supplier, construction machinery wholesaler, advertising agencies, IT Consultancy, optometrist clinic, bars/hotels, restaurants and function centres.

Family Law valuations and investigations

Regular appointment as both Single expert and Shadow expert in the valuation of financial interests held in companies, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures and as sole traders.

Compulsory acquisition

Preparation of a series of reports into loss of profits and value of businesses to assist the Valuer General of Victoria, various Government Departments and Authorities and claimants in the determination of compensation payable on the compulsory acquisition of property interests for rail and road expansions.

Review of claim for damages

Review of plaintiff claims for loss and damages on behalf of solicitors acting for insurance companies in a matter involving a fire in a newly renovated shopping complex that resulted in the opening occurring after a projected peak sales period.

Loss of Profit/Loss of Earnings

Calculations of loss of future income in respect to a young accountant injured in an accident overseas that prevented her from progressing in her chosen career. Assisting in the quantification of loss income, superannuation and entitlements incurred by persons infected with mesothelioma.

Professional Indemnity/Negligence Matters

Tax adviser, auditor of a trust account, auditor of professional association, construction company, electrical installation company, accountant on the board of an insolvent company who continued to trade.

Expert Determination

We were recently appointed as the independent accountant to make a binding determination concerning a dispute between a vendor and purchaser of a gaming machine manufacturing business concerning the issue of stock obsolescence (the parties were $9 million apart).

Trading whilst insolvent

Provision of an opinion as to whether directors had a defence to a claim of trading whilst insolvent.

Forensic Investigation

Using accounting, audit and business skills together with investigative techniques information to collect and collate information that could be used as evidence of a series of breaches in fiduciary duties of directors in a manufacturing and wholesale business.

Recent Assignments